Guide to view simple European betting odds

When looking at the odds of football betting, it is easy to see that there are two types of rates: European and Asian football betting rates. In this article, we will guide the rate of European football betting for you to be surprised.


The basic concepts in European football betting rates

In order to view European football betting rates, you need to know the following basic concepts:

What is a bet?

Betting odds are the stats given by the players for a match to balance the strength of the two teams. These parameters often show the odds of losing two opponents in that match.

Or, the odds bet is the odds of a match.

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Odds rate

Odds are the exchange rates used to pay for winning the bet. Players can choose from a variety of different currencies to pay after winning the bet.

Often, each of the Odds rates will be: Hong Kong Odds, Malay, European, US, indo …

Guide to watch European football betting rates

Unlike Asian betting racetrack, European football betting odds are much simpler. European bets only have 1X2. Inside:

  • 1: Set the winner
  • X: Score of Draw
  • 2: The visitors win

Players only need to choose the handicap and bet. When you win, you multiply the odds of knowing the amount of the bet. Hope the information is shared will be useful for you. Good luck!